A Bird on Water Street

A Bird on Water Street is a book I read because the book club at Fox Tales Book Shop decided that was the book we were going to read that month. I was so gleeful that we were going to read it because it was a book I had never read before.

Love. Life. Common Sense. A Bird on Water Street is about a boy named Jack who is thirteen years old. It is set in an Appalachian mining town in the 1980's. Jack loves everything about his town, from the Friday music nights to his best friend’s sister Hannah (who Jack secretly loves). He has to find out how to hold onto everything he loves most while he tries to explain his fondness of Hannah.

I love this book because it explains how hard Jack tries to show his parents what he loves and what he doesn’t. Explaining is hard because you feel like your parents won’t understand your feelings and that’s why I love this book. Please sit down and enjoy this book as it enfolds you into the story.


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