Ten Rules for Living With My Sister

Ten Rules for Living with My Sister is a book I found at the library because it is written by Ann M. Martin, who also wrote the Baby Sitters Club.  I wanted to read something else by her. So when I found this book, I was overjoyed that there was another great girly girl book by her.

Poor Pearl, who is the youngest in the family, is always trying to be a little older like her sister. She is nine but barely and her sister Lexie is thirteen going to be fourteen soon. Her grandfather has an accident and comes to stay with them. Only that means Pearl has to move into Lexie’s room. Lexie hates the idea of having to share her room with her sister. Pearl finally thinks that it is time to show her sister how grownup she can be.

Please buy or check this out at your library. If you have an older or younger sister you will be able to relate to this book! I know I did.


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Piper's Summer Reads

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