Piper's Summer Reads

Piper's Summer Reads

Hi guys! Trying to find fun books to read that are not assigned to by your teacher? Please read this summer reading list.

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder This book is about two girls named April and Melanie. They come up with a game that they plan in an abandoned yard. This book is funny and mysterious.

Baby Island by Carol Ryrie Brink. Baby Island is a wondrous journey. It is about two girls who are on a ship. When it begins sinking, they run to get off the ship. They save two boy toddlers, a one year old girl, and a newborn which they take with them. I love babies so this story was awesome.

The Winnie Years: Ten by Lauren Myracle. I am in love with this book. This girl named Winnie is ten and she feels like everyone treats her like a baby. When she turns ten suddenly everything changes. She is now supposed to act more grownup, be more responsible and play with her friend at the same time. How will she ever survive? This book is full of humor. Please read it.

Because of Mr.Terupt By Rob Buyea. This book is about seven kids. They all are very different from each other. Some of them love school, some of them hate it. But it all changes when Mr. Terupt comes to teach. Everything is going really well until the accident. This book is full of adventures. You will love this book.

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet By Nancy J.Cavanaugh. This book is about a girl who is homeschooled. Unlike the kids I know, her life is never fun. She does not have any friends and cannot fit in. But one day she decides to start building toy cars. She does not know that soon boys will ask for her help. I love this book, it is awesome. I feel like I know how she feels because when I went to a new school I really did not know anyone.

How to Get to Rio By Julie Fison. This book girls ten to twelve will love! You get to choose what happens to Kitty. Kitty is a girl who is in the middle of boy drama. She likes this boy but she does not know how to tell him. This is so fun choosing the fate of Kitty.

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