The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a book by Suzanne Collins.  I thought would be good to read because my mom said that she thought it would be a book that I would like. She was right.

This book takes place after North America has fallen. The capitol rules over Districts 1 through 12. Although there used to be District 13, it tried to overthrow the capitol and failed. To remind the citizens about that failure they have the Hunger Games each year where kids have to fight to the death. You have to start putting in your name at 12 and stop at 18. When you are 12, your name goes in once, 13 twice and so on. Katniss and Prim, sisters who live in District 12, both put their names in. Katniss is 16 and Prim is 12, when Prim’s name gets picked. Katniss volunteers to take her place!

I like this book because I can relate to Katniss, although I do not want to be in her position.You will love this book but be prepared. It is a very hard book to read. So take this book and prepare for battle.

*Mom Thoughts*

Piper and I did not read this book together, but I did pre-read them and, given the nature of their content, thought you might appreciate a mom's perspective.  Honestly, I think the books were harder for me to read than for her!  As a mom, watching kids kill each other off in the brutal Hunger Games was pretty tough.  But Piper, who has read other books where people die, saw it as a part of the story, albeit a sad one.  Also, she has always been better with reading sad/scary things that watching them.  Reading about it in print, while it might bother her in the moment, doesn't keep her up at night.  Seeing on a screen might.  So, while she is reading the books, we have not watched the movies.  I definitely recommend reading them alongside or before your child if you have concerns!





Piper's Summer Reads

Piper's Summer Reads