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The Daughter Perspective

Hey guys, my name is Piper and I am starting a blog. I decided to because I thought maybe I could share the books that I read with you. With this blog, I hope that we can share and discuss books together. I adore books because I feel like I am there looking at what is happening. I started reading chapter books when I was about six or seven. Some books that I really like are The Mother Daughter Book Club, Harry Potter and The Giver. Hope you join me in my journey!

The Mother Perspective

Hi! I’m Paula, Piper’s mom.  I have loved books and reading since I was a young girl and it has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood to share great books with my children. Reading aloud together is an anchor point in our day and our relationships.  And, of course, I also enjoy reading by myself when the kids are otherwise occupied. I look forward to sharing great books for moms, kids and other things to encourage you and your family in this space. We hope you'll join us at the Mother Daughter Book Blog!


The Mother Daughter Book Club