The Owl Diaries (A Beginner Chapter Book Series)

This is 8-year-old Haddy's Mother Daughter Book Blog debut!  Enjoy her review : )


Owls are the main characters in The Owl Diaries. In Eva’s Treetop Festival, Eva is trying to have a festival.  Lucy is her BFF. Sue is not her BFF. I like it because Eva is just like me and it’s an animal book. If I could review this book, I would give it 589 stars!


Haddy, my middle child, just recently reached the milestone of reading her very first chapter book on her own.  Seeing her get excited about reading books all by herself has been so fantastic and I was thrilled when I found The Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliot.  It had everything that appeals to my creative child- adorable illustrations, animal main characters, and short chapters.  Plus, it's a series, which means there is more than one for her to enjoy!

The stories are simple, yet fun and engaging.  They're not deep or extremely profound, but they are themes I can appreciate (like teamwork and perseverance) without being preachy. The illustrations are so cute, which is a HUGE draw for my budding artist.  They are almost written in a comic book style (some pages have speech bubbles) but there is also narration. All in all, they are a perfect first chapter book series for my art-loving, animal-loving, budding new reader!

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