Dino-Sports! (The First Mother-Son Book Review)

My son, Judson (5), wanted to tell you about one of his favorite book series! Hope the littles in your life enjoy these as much as we do!


The Dino-Sports books are funny. I like sports and the dinosaurs in the books are silly. My favorite books are Dino-Baseball and Dino-Football. The pictures are cool. These books are great!


We stumbled upon the Dino books by Lisa Wheeler a year ago at our local library and they have been number one on my son's book-request list ever since. He's received several as gifts and we still search for them every time we go to the library.

They are classic rhyming picture books, which is key in phonemic awareness for small children. The illustrations are cute and the text is clever (the baseball game is played in Jurassic Park) with enough silliness to keep young listeners' attention (like when the Apatosaurus empties the pool during the diving competition). Most importantly, they pass the Parent Picture Book Test- meaning that they do NOT make you want to stick pointy objects in your eyes after reading them over....and over...and over. (I'm looking at you, Ten Apples Up On Top.)  

In you have a kiddo in your life who loves dinosaurs and/or sports, these definitely deserve a place on your Amazon wish list or Library queue! 

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